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December 8, 2013


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In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the attachment of two people to one another has become a rare thing, but just this increases its beauty.
All of us want to love and to be loved, but this is not easy at all!:icontruesmiles:
Love doesn't means only "I Love You", love means commitment and respect, a strong shoulder who can support your head at any moment, a warm heart who can  receive your joys, an energetic hand which can relieve all pain and depression, a mysterious smile during a dance, which always conjures the First Dance, but above all, love is the only feeling  that shines over time when our hair is white and our wrinkles talk about memories.
This is love and life, this is what all of us dream to have and to share this is what we have to respect and cherish.
I had the chance to meet some beautiful couples in our  dA community and I have the pleasure to dedicate a series of journals to them.
I want to do this because I want to let them know how  special they are and how important and beneficial it is their influence and example, because they succeed to make this wonderful virtual world, more alive, normal and much closer to us all, much closer to our daily 'Why", "What", "Who" or "Where".Heart
Today I have the pleasure to introduce you Linley :iconaussie-blonde: and Steve :iconaussiesteve1961:
My motto for them is:
"Love consists in the desire to give the other what it's yours and to feel his happiness such as yours."

Wild Child Relaxing by Aussie-Blonde

A top eye view by Aussie-Blonde The view.. by Aussie-Blonde Loving Boy by Aussie-Blonde Our Ocean by Aussie-Blonde A Flower for the Lady by Aussie-Blonde
Bill Board Girl by Aussie-Blonde A Wooden Christmas Present by Aussie-Blonde Fry and I by Aussie-Blonde Butterflies For Laura by Aussie-Blonde Cute koala by Aussie-Blonde The Captain and I by Aussie-Blonde Honey ...its Money by Aussie-Blonde Princess Cakes or Fairy Cakes? by Aussie-Blonde Red Geranium by Aussie-Blonde
Mankini Man and his Mrs by Aussie-Blonde 


Australias Most wanted by AussieSteve1961
 Eyes Wide Open by AussieSteve1961 My Backyard by AussieSteve1961 Radiant Beauty by AussieSteve1961
Terrible Twosome by AussieSteve1961 The Mouth of the Murchison by AussieSteve1961 
All Four One by AussieSteve1961 End of Summer by AussieSteve1961 Vulnerabilty by AussieSteve1961 A Hot City Night by AussieSteve1961 Another Valedhelven Day by AussieSteve1961 Insane Photography by AussieSteve1961 Hot  Pink by AussieSteve1961 Michelles Magical Lighthouse by AussieSteve1961 Looking at YOU by AussieSteve1961 Koala Saved From Bush Fires by AussieSteve1961


My dear Linley and Steve, I wish you to always stay so beautiful and your life to be serene and gentle and in your hard moments,
to never forget to collect each other smile.:tighthug:
It was pretty hard to choose a single flower for you, so I decided to celebrate you with a rainbow flower and I think it suits you perfectly!.:icontruesmiles:

Nature Colors by salman-khan
Orange Lantana by MissSpocks more of ME by Nipntuck3 Lantana by sara-satellite simply a flower... by Myry2009 
rainbow of flowers by sk8nate Tiny Flowers by jerryfrencho <da:thumb id="180227392"/> Lantana camara by AForAdultery
erupt by BIGDOGDAVIDSON So perfect by SyllAndy Colourful by Daniiwitch Dainty by cheerful-heart
Lantern by Tuesdaysangel intricacies of mother nature by devilicious Natural by Lu-Andre Plain and colorful by ShlomitMessica
Junction of Pink - Yellow by TeKNoMaNiaCH For Amixl by Arte-de-Junqueiro Pink Lemonade. by zombiecupcakezz Always Blooming by yadiyada27
_Flower_ by Ylida evening in the garden by SvitakovaEva Tiny Orange Flowers by azieser <da:thumb id="316792219"/>
Mirror by FurImmerUndEwig Purple wildflowers by a6-k Nature 32 by SuperGirl1985 flower 061 by discret
Yes It's February by sparkly-purple-ninja wildflowers 9 by a6-k .summertime blues. by Foozma73 Flower 2 by lordms12
Orange Wild flowers 1 by a6-k More of Me ,two by Nipntuck3 Unblossomed by Anca-Mihaela LANTANNA 6 10 by THOM-B-FOTO
Pillow Flower by WTek79 Lantana by gonzaleztitorenko Pink and Yellow Flowers by angelskissme Tiny Trumpet  Blooms by jerryfrencho
Drifters by relhom
:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz: :icons-flowerplz::iconselinapls:

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