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January 4, 2013


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Let's Start With A Good Coffee!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2013, 6:39 AM
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History of coffee is complex and delicious like coffee itself. The coffee road began in Africa and the magical potion continued its journey in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Before 1000 BC - tribesmen in Ethiopia found that if you drink  fruits coffee tree, have more energy during the day.
COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE . . . by mist-weave by ocsilla15 Coffee Owl.. by Manso0n Coffee by Chemtard Aroma by VintageWarmth Another cup of coffee by Kvikken Caffe coup by ZombieAfterAll Coffee time by l4n6l3y Coffee cup by Scryc Coffee in the morning by KowalskiEmil

1000 BC - Arab traders bring coffee on their land and start cultivating it for the first time in plantations. Is the time when the coffee tree beans are cooked and turned into a drink they call "qahwa" (in translation "beverage banish sleep").
Bitter and Sweet by gianovata Time for Coffee Break by ninazdesign Coffee beans and lenses by Nebelschwinge Some Things I Love by kErstinR my coffee by annbuht Buy me with a coffee by green-shad0w Coffee cup by V-ace :thumb204752806: Coffee rain by blueanto coffee heart by alexandra-maria

1453 - Coffee is brought to Constantinople where it opens first store in the world. Also Turkish law gives woman the right to divorce her husband if he does not bring daily intake of coffee.
Coffee is done by Nile-Paparazzi just a cup of coffee... by MorkOrk Arrangement by white-ish SHARING GREEK  COFFEE by LUCILALEYLA Handmade 25 by dselene Coffee's on me by Biutz Breakfast Week by KellyNGin :thumb200288331: Turkish Coffee by Canankk :thumb254574358:

1511 - Khair Beg, the corrupt governor of Mecca, tries to ban coffee, which he considered the  source power of the people to resist to his reign. Sultan heard and because he believes that coffee is sacred, commanded that the governor to be killed.
Cappuccino - Rotarua by Mogrianne Drink me by kiss1311 Cold outside by Bozack I love coffee by linde-mona Milky moonlight by Floriandra Hot chocolate by Tripeak Hot Chocolate by WaZzUpGaL  :thumb120966997: Hot Chocolate by tarlia Hot Chocolate From Fenarrio 1 by sugendran

1600 - Coffee is introduced into Italy and Pope Clementin VIII "baptizes" drink coffee  that allowed  Christians.
Cafe cafe by Pheonae her royal highness. by freckledmystery Chocolate stars by itsallforyousir chocolate heaven by Meet-me-in-space I Love Hot Chocolate by Danell hot chocolate by CherylGibson my hot chocolate by zeerocks  Chocolate by phoenixsansfyr - Hot Chocolate - by drinkpoison Hot chocolate by drinkpoison

1645 - Italian opens first  coffee store in Venice.
Chocolate by phoenixsansfyr - Hot Chocolate - by drinkpoison Hot chocolate by drinkpoison Coffee Break by Badassbassplaya A cup of something hot by LiquidNitrogen whipped by evil-hanzel Chocolate and Cream by Amy15xx taste of love by kitty-holiday Coffee and Cigarettes by Zerokul Sweet addiction by HeartInCage

1668 - Coffee is America's favorite beverage. New York beer - favorite breakfast drink is replaced with coffee.
at night..... by estellamestella Le Cafe by onixa Coffee by Harmine Elixir by Ruriel A f t e r n o o n  C o f f e e by neruzutto 2 great lattes by baristopher Coffee by Rabellu chocolate loves coffee by MorkOrk Espressino by poison-blood cofee time 3.1 by oDedaLo

1672 - opens first coffee store in Paris
They had breakfast together... by May-dayMay-day fnjan 8hwah by last--chance Once upon a morning by Behind-walls Black and sweet by Behind-walls :thumb186407680: jacobs. by myblue-eyes Coffee Time - Day 1 by thesashabell Blue Cafe by jinhuang spiritual potion by SmileDay a cup of love by schottische

1690 - The Dutch become the first transportations and commercial growers of coffee, getting smuggled
some twigs from Arab countries. The first plantations are made in the colony India.
Drink by LolyBoo :thumb179038849: Coffee with Nataly............ by wingsofdragons Love Coffee.. by Manso0n Music is the Drink of Life by NaturalBeauty-Photos Good morning by Felix-Felicis7 I'd love a drink right now by Lucinda-Emma M C1 by valsomir Mocha by goat-peach M C2 by valsomir

1700 - In London there were over 2000 cafes. King Charles III,  forbids them because in these places are plotting revolution. The ban lasted only 11 days because the resistance of the people.
Breakfast by Rouge07 Caramel Cappuccino by msendy Just add sugar by Tamerlana Coffee by gohyinghui La montagne de chantilly by AmandineRopars Cup by Makivka Illy by edthespacebread The Good old times by Lifebug good morning by she-is-so-fly Panda by zamokzerkal

1727 - Brazil's coffee industry began with love. Brazilian Colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta  had an affair with the wife of Guiana French Governor.This ingenious lady, when leaves the colonel, sent him as a gift a bouquet of flowers that hide coffee tree twigs.
:thumb193580621: Art on Foam by TipsyDarlene Coffee Pots de Creme by bittykate Nothin but the coffee by Sadness94Serenity Colored cup by The-Golden-Princess Indonesian kopi tubruk by irarodrigues Good Morning by The-Golden-Princess A m o r e by NeahsSomnium Let's drink some coffe by isatere :thumb212241456:

1732 - Johann Bach composed Sevastian "Kaffee-Kant" - ode to coffee.
Coffee time by floophya :thumb135953719: Coffee heart by Sweetatz cup of coffee by Sea-of-wonders Black Coffee by VintageWarmth SweetHeart Coffee by GREEN-GRAFFITI HBW - Again by Olivedrab Heart In A Cup by CryingForTheAngels coffee by dodiaaa

1900 - Hill Bros begins to pack grinder and roasted coffee in vacuum bags. Such ubiquitous, goes to disappear roasting shops and coffee mill.
Hello Mr. Coffee Mug by Roswell1947 Coffee by MonicaSousa 061 by AlexNagiPhotography by candymax Coffee by Aconitum-Napellus :thumb264332208: Coffee Time by Nittaaaa :thumb245779426: Day 41 by SilverDragon2050 Hot Chocolate by saadany

1901 - Luigi Bezzera in Italy invented the first espresso machine.
latte by chessiegoff33 :thumb341246174: hot cocoa with baileys by Pokakulka Macaroons by Ru-kai-yah Must Love Coffee by Squiddgee7734 - Am I Still the One ? - by JNoOoN Coffee by Metal-Bender I like Cappuccino by dselene Fit For A King, Breakfast Companion, Cappuccino! by ArtBYbeverly Coffee with cream by shatinn

1946 - Achilles Gaggia perfects the first espresso and cappuccino drink is so named after the color similarity with the Capuchin order of monks robes.
Hot coffee by malialeon Coffe love by ankhmyth Monday Morning by ArunaDiesPretty Good Morning Coffee by FurImmerUndEwig 8ahwah by w6n3oshaq Autumn Coffee by JCNProductions Happy New Year Coffee by yamixhikari :thumb206382584: Morning Coffee by IsacGoulart Coffee by maryannasaurr

2000 - After the oil industry, the coffee comes second worldwide in terms of economic importance. Clearly differentiates the top 10 coffee producers in the world. Countries like Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia succeed to sustain the national economy in manufacturing and exporting coffee.
 Coffee Float by viennidemizerable Coffee Made With Love by NaturalBeauty-Photos Morning Coffee by aiyoshi Coffee by Hammond22 Le cafe a la matin by goasty Mon secret du matin... by c-time :thumb336739649:Coffee break by dseleneTurkish coffee by sezp

"The first breath of coffee is bitter as life. The second is sweet as love. The third is mysterious as death."_DSC7842 by a-belozerov

I wish you  all a very good and tireless weekend.:icontruesmiles::iconcoffeeplz:

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