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Submitted on
March 13, 2013


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The Winners Of Plants and Water Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 13, 2013, 5:52 AM

Hello my dear friends!:icontruesmiles:

Today I will present you the  Winners of the "Plants and Water" Contest.:dance:
This beautiful Contest was organized by my friend Amy :iconcelestialprincess101: and all the wonderful  works you will see here, will remind you, the sweetness and renaissance of Spring and for sure will bring close to you that beautiful feeling of optimism and joy, which animates and surprise all of  us,  in this unique season.:heart:
Let's show to all this very talented Artists some well deserved love and appreciation!:iconalesiandra:

Pixel Trophy by Sirithre  First Place goes to :iconmarcosrodriguez: with the entry: The Big One by MarcosRodriguez

More from this Artist works.:clap:
paradise birds by MarcosRodriguez Last Days by MarcosRodriguez running orbs by MarcosRodriguez There she cooooomes again:D by MarcosRodriguez jellies by MarcosRodriguez Figueira 12 by MarcosRodriguez Sparks by MarcosRodriguez two by MarcosRodriguez lava lamp 1 by MarcosRodriguez a light of hope by MarcosRodriguez

:iconribbonredplz: Second Place goes to :iconsarahharas1: with the entry:  Snowdrop by SarahharaS1

More from this Artist works:clap:
Floris by SarahharaS1 Angel tear by SarahharaS1 Snow cap by SarahharaS1 Berries by SarahharaS1 Ice by SarahharaS1 Pink 2 by SarahharaS1 Lady with blue scarf by SarahharaS1 Dollshouse by SarahharaS1

:iconribbongreenplz: Third Place goes to :iconpieceaudacity: with the entry:  :thumb348595592:

More from this Artist works:clap:
:thumb345735431: :thumb348595422: :thumb348594910: :thumb345863702: :thumb348595092: :thumb345736427: :thumb348594464: :thumb345735754:

:iconblueribbonplz: Special Mentions goes to following Artists:

:iconsarapereiraart: with the entry:  Crystalline purple by SaraPereiraArt

More from this Artist works:clap:
Bouquet by SaraPereiraArt Perfect match by SaraPereiraArt Poppies by SaraPereiraArt

:iconlady70s: with the entry:  Daisy by Lady70s

More from this Artist works:clap:
Red rose by Lady70s Sleeping kitten by Lady70s Basel - HDR by Lady70s

:iconhikingboots: with the entry:  Cold drops by hikingboots

More from this Artist works:clap:
I know2 by hikingboots My pink drop... by hikingboots Dreamy summer... by hikingboots

:iconmelsofmaui: with the entry:  Hibiscus ~ After the Rain by melsofmaui

More from this Artist works:clap:
Winning Orchid by melsofmaui Tea Ceremony by melsofmaui First Sunrise of the Year by melsofmaui

:iconmayebony: with the entry:  Iris Bud Rain by MayEbony

More from this Artist works:clap:
Frangipani Flute by MayEbony Rosebuds and Leaves Bracelet by MayEbony Easter Lily by MayEbony

:iconworldsinworld: with the entry:  Tiny Drops by WorldsInWorld

More from this Artist works:clap:
Japanese Snail by WorldsInWorld Soggy Sun by WorldsInWorld Rainbow at Niagara Falls by WorldsInWorld

:icond-u-d: with the entry:  seotwo by D-u-D

More from this Artist works:clap:
on top by D-u-D pearl way by D-u-D My church by D-u-D

:iconmutantlilies: with the entry:  Frozen by MutantLilies

More from this Artist works:clap:
Dark Chocolate Crumb Bars by MutantLilies Lake Sunrise by MutantLilies Sedum by MutantLilies

:iconingelore: with the entry:  gold and silver by Ingelore

More from this Artist works:clap:
Bielefeld - town hall II by Ingelore a cup of autumn by Ingelore sunkissed by Ingelore

:iconnataschaa: with the entry:  Irish Luck by Nataschaa

More from this Artist works:clap:
Berries by Nataschaa The Things we lost by Nataschaa Innocent by Nataschaa

Congratulations to all the winners, participants and  organizer of this beautiful Contest!:clap::iconflowersplz:
Thank you very much to all those who will see this presentation, for  assessing and supporting all this wonderful artists!:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz: :icons-flowerplz:


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SaraPereiraArt Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful journal ;) Thank you for mention my work ;)
My pleasure and I'm glad you like it!:rose:
Very beautiful:heart:
Totally agree and thank you for being here:heart::hug:
Congratulations to everyone! You are kind, who did a bunch of winners!:iconbouquetplz:
Thank you for your beautiful support, dear Lady!:love::iconkissmote:
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