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Submitted on
November 22, 2012


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I love Autumn with all its special perfumes, I love Autumn, because every leaf become a beautiful flower, a flower which try to remember us that Autumn is the most talented artist of all seasons.
I have the pleasure to introduce you the talented winners of "Bold Perspective of Autumn" Contest organized by :iconunframed-nature: Group.:icontruesmiles:
Let's show them some love and appreciation for their wonderful talent!:love::clap:

Pixel Trophy by Sirithre  First Place goes to :iconnightrose0087: with the entry: Fall Cat by nightrose0087

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..mee.... by nightrose0087 another sunset...... by nightrose0087 Snake 3 by nightrose0087 Clover by nightrose0087 Flowers by nightrose0087 downtown gazebo thingy by nightrose0087 Tyson by nightrose0087 Flowers 9 by nightrose0087 Seattle Space Needle by nightrose0087 Kid 25 by nightrose0087

:winner: Second Place goes to :iconlupinicious: with the entry:  Autumn Joy by Lupinicious

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Soaring Proudly by Lupinicious Ebony and Amber by Lupinicious Dreamy White Gaze by Lupinicious Rough Sea by Lupinicious A Breeze of Limes by Lupinicious "I think you're kinda cute" by Lupinicious Lemurs at Work: Taxi Driver by Lupinicious Mind your own business! by Lupinicious European Lynx Cub by Lupinicious Turdus merula by Lupinicious

:winner: Third Place goes to :icontammyphotography: with the entry:  Autumn forest by TammyPhotography

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Kisses by TammyPhotography Day at the beach by TammyPhotography Mushrooms by TammyPhotography Only Dreams by TammyPhotography Thistle by TammyPhotography Unlock the beauty by TammyPhotography Romanticist by TammyPhotography Little one by TammyPhotography Let there be light by TammyPhotography Food Fight by TammyPhotography

:iconblueribbonplz: Special Mentions goes to following Artists:

:iconphotographsbybri: with the entry:  It's Mine! by PhotographsByBri

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A Peaceful View by PhotographsByBri Colors of Autumn by PhotographsByBri Giggle by PhotographsByBri Shop Cat by PhotographsByBri Grumpy by PhotographsByBri

:iconbrian-b-photography: with the entry:  The Splendor of Fall by Brian-B-Photography

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Storm Cell by Brian-B-Photography Welcome to Court by Brian-B-Photography A Beautiful View from Home II by Brian-B-Photography Time for Dessert? by Brian-B-Photography SkyFire by Brian-B-Photography

:iconkattfloka: with the entry:  Leaf Theatre by KattFloka

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5 Months by KattFloka Burning Down by KattFloka Yellow Eyes by KattFloka Scarlet Macaw by KattFloka Ara macao by KattFloka

:iconbarcon53: with the entry: Soft Morning by barcon53

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Spring Cardinal by barcon53 Lily of the Valley by barcon53 Great Spangled on Ironweed by barcon53 Grandson 2 by barcon53 Autumn Bittersweet by barcon53

:iconpeterjcoskun: with the entry:  Land of Gold by PeterJCoskun

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violent pasts by PeterJCoskun Break of light by PeterJCoskun Waiting for a drink by PeterJCoskun Luna loco by PeterJCoskun Attraction by PeterJCoskun

Top Twelve

These next TOP 12 entries received Equal Attention throughout the judging process.  Here are all this wonderful visionary of the beauty of Autumn.:clap:

Strict Autumnal Separation by Clu-art :thumb327486635: Bitter by JunJun510 hope by Ingelore Autumn Alma by blackmaster111 Autumn's Bridal Bouquet by BarbaraPommerenke Solitude [For Sale] by TreeCree Golden Slumber by znkf0908 Autumn Splendor by I-Am-Lady-Timeless On the autumn leaf by marteczna foggy morning by blueunicornfarm The Song of Leaving BirdsOf tired feathers silken touch,
The ancient tale of pilgrimage
When maple leaves turn red and gold
The soaring spirits know no cage
Goodbye to mists and fading fern
To silver threads of gossamer
The rosehips red and bitter sloes
Until the spring comes young and fair
Goodbye to songs in dreamy dusk
And the warm nests of sunny youth
When wings are weak, the will is strong
And stars will guide us to the South
To the far lands where winter winds
Do not have power over Sun,
So we can return in the spring,
Because home... home is only one.

Congratulations to all the winners, participants and  organizer of this beautiful Contest!:clap::iconflowersplz:
Thank you very much to all those who will see this presentation, for  assessing and supporting all this wonderful artists and don't forget to visit :iconunframed-nature:' Galleries to find more beauties who will touch your soul in a special way.:heart:
I wish you all a very good week.:hug:

  • Mood: Artistic
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MayEbony Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
What a beautiful Feature and what great talent! Thank you for your kindness in featuring all the winners from UnframedNature that's so kind of you :iconsomehugsplz:
Thank you too for this beautiful comment, my dear May.:rose::icontruesmiles:
MayEbony Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cu placere draga Selina. It's so good to chat with you again :iconalesiandra:
I'm really glad you are back!:):love:
MayEbony Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Multumesc draga Selina. Multa dragoste!!!
I-Am-Lady-Timeless Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Selina! :heart:
You're most welcome, Kitty and Congratulations once again!:hug::rose:
Awesome feature, Selina! :clap: :heart:
Congratulations to all, beautiful works! :love:
Beautiful works and indeed deserve:clap: :heart:
Thank you very much for this beautiful comment and support, dear Jo!:love::hug:
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